Simple infinite — endless scroll in categories for opencart 2

Infinite or andless scroll is a Utilities, this working on you scroll to bottom. All products of categories will auto showinstead for paging default.

In opencart store, where have sell same module but if you don’t want buy it, you can doing step by step. I will help you make it. Ok going…

Step 1: you need download and include it to head of your site (header.tpl).

Include infinitescroll libraby.

Write javascript funtion to detect pages, block show products, items products.


  • $(«.listproduct»).addClass(«infinitescroll»); Class «listproduct» you need add to <div> cover all products in category.tpl. Position as picture:
Hình ?nh ???c nhúng ??n liên k?t c? ??nh
  • img: ‘image/loading_infinite.gif’ is url of loading image, you can change to other link.


Step 2, you need edit file «system/library/pagination.php».

Search and replace


Search and replace


This change need for structure of infinite — endless scroll working.
Step 3, save all and reload your page, go to admin -> extensions -> modifications -> clear and reload.